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Part of the job of composing music these days is dealing with the all-consuming subject of “gear”, so this section will deal with how I have manouvered around this prickly area.

For starters, I can mention that as far as instruments go, for composing and recording, I have a grand piano, a flute, a piccolo, an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and a bass guitar.

Of necessity, I naturally have all the computer side of things, hardware and software and will deal with these in some detail bit by bit.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that I have always used a PC, and I cannot understand why any intelligent person would choose anything else. Three years ago I decided to build my own machine and it was the correct decision

It can be done by anyone with a few brain cells and a bit more patiencee, thanks to the many kind and expert YT contributors who give freely of their time and expertise to enable people like me to do things.