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Peter Lynch is a musician based in Leeds, England.

He went to the Royal College of Music before going to Germany for a while, as a teacher and performer. After returning to England, while working, he studied some more, with the OU and at York University, then became an examiner, first for the ABRSM and then for Trinity.

Along side this he has been arranging music, mainly for flute, some of which is distributed by June Emerson Wind Music.

He has made videos which may be seen on Youtube. Here is a link...

More recently he has revived an interest in composing and orchestration. It's one thing learning to play and teach an instrument or two. It's another learning how to write.

Then technology came along....

... and musicians, if they hope to remain relevant, have either to keep up or give up.

This website is about that challenge. Thank you for stopping by...