Leeds Town Hall Organ Sample Library

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It’s free and sounds great …. and Leeds is where I live. I have heard many live performances on this organ over the years, the best of which was by my former teacher, Tim Gray, who gave an unforgetable performance of Messiaen’s La Nativité du Seigneur for a small group of his students.

When I was alerted to this sample libary by Anne Dern, a composer in America via her YT video, I nearly fell out of my seat.

Anyway, there are six built-in registration presets, which also range from from soft to loud, and which cover many evetualities. Theay can also be selected by MIDI CCs and therefore can operate in real time in the DAW.

If you’re interested in what she has to say about the Leeds Town Hall Organ, from Samplephonics, you can listen from 24:36…

And if you’d like to vist the SamplePhonics LTHO webpage, click on the Button …