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1. Solo Violin

Minor Minuet

The model for this piece is a Baroque minuet, such as may be found in the solo Partitas of J S Bach.

Before starting I looked at such things as the binary form structure, chord progressions and modulation, use of register, melodic sequences (obviously!) plus the fact that the harmony must be implicit in the melody (also obvious).

I decided to write out the repeats and then make them into busier versions of each first section. Tghis also made it possible to reach the required timing without just reopeating, which would be a cop out.

I used the Stradivarius Violin by Native Intruments for Kontakt. There were several things I had to be able to do, but the main challenge after reading the Stradivarius manual was get the Babylon Waves Expression Map to communicate with the Kontakt using the BW Snapshot.

This took forever as it was my first time to this so that it worked properly. The Snapshot allows the Expression Map to adress the Kontakt Multi with 4 instances of the violin to be present in 1 kontakt instance and then addressed on four MIDI channels.

That solves the big problem of having 20 articulations available in the Expression map (even more if you count things like smart finger position and con sordino etc), but only 8 articulation slots in each instance of the violin. I have to say that it was very frustrating, but poco a poco it began to make sense and the fact that one makes mistakes all the time provides opportunities to learn and gain understanding from them.